Sunrise Quick Dab Bingo Paper

Add some patterns to your bingo paper mix!

Sunrise Quick Dab Patterns are great for early bird and warm up games because players immediately know what pattern they are playing. Sunrise Quick Dab is available in both 24V4 and 36S6 layouts and can be collated into Sunrise booklets or used as straight good sheets for special games.

Special games add fun and variety to your bingo sessions! Pattern papers are especially fun and easy to play because the game patterns are printed right on each bingo face. Your players can play more faces since the numbers they need to dab are easier to find!

Sunrise Quick Dab Pattern Bingo Paper

Sunrise Quick Dab is available in 1 - 9,000 (36S6) series and 9,001 - 18,000 (24V4) series.

Inside Frame - Pink

Kite - Blue

Letter I - Orchid

Letter X - Green

Number 7 - Orchid

Outside Frame - Orange

Postage Stamp - Pink

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